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How to set up a Home Church

How to set up a Home Church 

"You shall be My prized possession, dearer to Me than all other peoples.  For all the earth is Mine, and you shall be for Me a kingdom of priests." Ezekiel 19:6

A survey done of young people in Amsterdam, Holland in 1991, ages 15-25 found that 100% said that they were interested in learning about God, yet only 1% were interested in attending a local church.  

We can all participate in the work of winning people for Jesus.  1 Cor 14:31

"The Home Church, run by God, the battle is for the heart & the weapon is LOVE" Mega Shift by James Rutz 

Here are some ideas and guidelines for setting up a Home Church in your city, town or village.  

1st  Put all your work and the Home Church under the authority and guidance of Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God.  

2nd  Pray before each manner of activity, asking God to send His Holy Spirit to guide your study and fellowship that day.  Then REST in the knowledge of that.

3rd  Each time you come together to worship, draw lots for who will lead out that day.  Then pray to determine the topic or what book and chapter of the bible to read and discuss.

4th  Let everyone have a chance to speak, by limiting the time to 3-5 min. each.

5th  Sing praise songs!  Either at the beginning and/or spontaneously after a moving testimony.

6th  If a dispute arises - call for a moment of silent prayer, asking Abba Father to help you find agreement. 

7th  Ask all in attendance if there are any prayer requests.  (At the beginning or at the end)

8th  Ask everyone to keep a gratitude journal and to share each week how God has worked in their lives.

Having some food or refreshments is a great idea to add an element of joy!

When there is a request for healing, here are some suggestions/guidelines:

Ask one or two other believers to accompany you.

Ask the sick person first, if they want Jesus to heal them.

Read a few scriptures on healing.  Luke 9:2, James 5:15, Proverbs 3:7-8, etc.

Say that in obedience to the scriptures, the word of God, that we are petitioning the Lord though the authority of Jesus' name.

Then ask God for healing, to the glory of Jesus.

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