Stuck at home but not stuck in life

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Our family like most of us in the United States found ourselves suddenly working from home, doing church via video and practicing “social distancing”. Life had changed for the worst. We were watching countries like Italy falling apart with thousands of deaths from this new virus. Out daughter Ruth urged us to take a “Prayer Walk” around our neighborhood and pray for those around us, claim the area for Him and claim His protection for our family and those around us. As we walked around our block, we prayed for each of our neighbors specifically, by name if we knew it. We prayed that God’s will would be done in these trying times. No way would people call us prayer warriors, but we are followers of Jesus and desire to do His will. This was good and what God wants us to do is depend on Him as expressed through prayer. Our second night of prayer walking we saw John down the block from us, found out he just got out of the hospital from complications of a double lung transplant, definitely a high risk from the virus. We prayed for him right there. We did this from a safe distance. We saw we did not need to be powerless in this pandemic, but we could call upon God’s power, we saw we were called to pray for those around us by walking through the neighborhood. As we shared this with others, they expressed they wanted to pray for their neighborhood. We found lots of resources online which we gathered in these web pages. Our prayer for you that you will be called to “Prayer Walk” your neighborhood. Be sure to drop us an email ( that you are joining in and we will let you know updates. This is only a start.

Doug Leppard

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