Prayer Walking

Praying for your Neighborhood

Grab your Sneakers and Go

It is simple to prayer walk your neighborhood.  All that is needed is for you to walk around your neighborhood  and pray for each neighbor by name if you can.  Pray for God's guidance and protection for your neighbors and that God's will be done in their lives.  Pray that God would be glorified in your neighborhood.  


Why Prayer Walk

In light of the national quarantine and the global pandemic, we need to be seeking God and calling God to be working around us.


How to Prayer Walk

As you prayer walk, your prayers extend beyond your own concerns, focusing directly on the needs of others and opening yourself to see them with God’s eyes and heart. The following will show helpful insights on how to prayer walk.

Bible Resources

Bible verses to pray through

Resources for prayers.  Verses, what others do, suggested prayer items, ideas from others, links to existing prayer walks.

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